Piggyback Rider Accessories

  • $15.00

Piggyback Rider Hip Belt
  • Piggyback Rider Hip Belt fits all Piggyback Rider models, new and old.
  • This accessory is perfect for those who feel more comfortable with a hip support.
  • Military hip belt modified for our use adding extra padding and sturdiness.
  • Note: The Hip Belt does limit the ease of raising and lowering the bar quickly and it doesn't swing like the carrier was intended to when in use. It is not necessary to use the Hip Belt in order to use the Piggyback Rider carriers.

Piggyback Rider Mud Flap

  • The Mud Flap will save your arse from dirty shoes from that adventure where who knows what's on the bottom of your kids shoes. This is clothing saver and for those locations with lots of snow, mud and outdoor activities where you don't want to bring nature home with you.
  • Attaches easily at the tri-glide buckle on both sides of the carrier. Available in black only.