Ewan the Dream Sheep

  • $50.00

The precious gift of sleep...

Everyone knows that for all the joys new babies can bring, the early days of parenting aren’t ways a walk in the park. Thankfully, following the invention of Ewan the Dream Sheep®, tired parents everywhere can finally get a good night’s sleep! Multi- award winning Ewan emits soothing sounds at a low base frequency and a calming pink glow, which when combined, help settle your baby or toddler into a peaceful sleep.
  • The heartbeat and womb sounds are actual recordings, not computer generated. Vacuum cleaner, rain and harp recordings together with the womb sequence provide 4 different calming sound tracks to choose from.
  • All sound sequences are combined with the heartbeat recording in the background.
  • Soothing glow doubles as a night light.
  • He can be used at home in the cot or moses basket but also when out and about too - he can be secured to the stroller or car seat by his Velcro tail!
  • Ewan’s tail is also great for securing a soother or teething ring to, so there’s no worry about it getting lost or falling out of the crib or stroller.
  • 20 minute timer and automatic shut off.
  • Volume control.
  • Available in purple or grey.
  • Battery operated 3 x AAA (not included).
  • Surface wash only - do not put in the washing machine.