Kuddly Kids was created in 2009 by a local mother and dreamer after continually having people ask where they could buy a wrap like what she was carrying her second baby in.  She realized that instead of directing people to a city far away to spend dollars outside of our amazing community, she should open up her own business that could offer unique products that have a "conscience", can be purchased locally, and are safe for children.

Switching ownership in 2019, the new owner of Kuddly Kids hopes to carry on the business with the same community spirit, passion for products with a conscience, and customer service established by the founder.

This has blossomed into a business that we hope has kept more money within our local economy and given access to amazing products that would otherwise be unobtainable or hard to find. We also hope the products Kuddly Kids provides are both reducing our carbon footprint and creating Fair Trade and Small Business awareness and support.

My Kuddly Kids

Owner Jessica Pylatuk's Kuddly Kids